6225 CPU

6225 CPU Výrobca/krajina povodu: Octagon systems/USA
Dodavateľ: IVAR Slovensko, s.r.o.
Stranka produktu: http://
Dodacia lehota: 2 - 4 týždne

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CPU: 386SX 40 MHz DRAM: 8 MB, 4 standard Flash: 2 MB on–card, 288 MB DiskOnChip support Software: DOS 7.1, flash file system, diagnostics and utilities in flash SRAM: 512K, battery–backed supported Ethernet®: 10 Base–T w/device drivers Serial: 4 serial ports, 16C550 compatible, RS–232/422/485, ESD protection Parallel: 2 parallel, bi–directional, ECP/EPP modes Temp. sensor: ±3° C accuracy EIDE: 2 hard disks, SanDIsk, CD–ROM drives Digital I/O: 17 lines available using parallel port Speaker: Standard PC speaker port RTC: 10–year battery life Keyboard: AT keyboard w/PS–2 connector Floppy: Supports 2 floppy drives w/all standard densities Operator interface: Supports 16–position matrix keypad and 4x40 LCD display Expansion: PC/104 connector and ISA Bus Compatibility: DOS, QNX® and Linux® Watchdog timer: Programmable .5 sec. to 64 sec.

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